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Tri State Patents:

Tri State Distribution has over 40 patents on prescription packaging products awarded to date, with more pending and on the way. Why should this matter to you? Patents are awarded for new and unique product ideas, designs and methods, and those invariably are positioned at the forefront of new development and positive change in an industry. Until TSD, the prescription packaging industry was characterized by products that had been on the market for decades with virtually no innovation in design, form or function. TSD’s patents reflect our constant exploration of ideas, resulting in a stream of new and truly unique products over the past 15 years. Products that make your job dispensing medicines faster, easier, less costly, and where your customers have a much higher level of satisfaction with the containers and closures you give them than ever before. Our products are made in the United States in a cGMP certified manufacturing facility by American workers who care about what they do, instead of overseas by companies paying slave wages in facilities with unmonitored or non-existent quality standards. TSD’s patents awarded and pending – and the products that have resulted from them - are proof positive that you are dealing with the industry leader in versatile, innovative dispensing systems.